About Us

Ruth Ann Nylen, RPh, PhD Lead Consultant

 Our Business

 The RAN Institute develops and brings to market high quality, innovative products that are easy to use and applicable  in today’s global research arena. Outstanding training programs have been developed for research professionals with  sponsors, CRO’s, investigative sites and IRB’s.

 Our Leadership

The RAN Institute’s lead consultant, Ruth Ann Nylen, RPh, PhD, has over 30 years of clinical research experience in  the  pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Nylen is recognized as a leading educator in clinical research on a national and  international level. She earned a BS in Pharmacy, an MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences, a PhD in Curriculum and  Instruction, and most recently, an MA in Theology from Life Christian University.

Dr. Nylen is also the visionary and leader of Really Good News Ministries, Inc, a 501(c)(3) non-profit Christian  teaching Ministry. For more information about Dr. Nylen’s involvement in this ministry, please visit Really Good News Ministries.